Platinum Paint and Wheels are here to help

Our flexible and mobile service can help to get you out of those sticky situations. In need of Alloy Wheel Repair, Minor Body Repair or Mirror Casing scrapes? We are your perfect solution based in the Wirral.


Repairing and refurbishing alloy wheels to like new condition. Refinish your old alloys and bring them back to life, or complete colour change


We also focus on removing minor damages to your car. Restore the quality of the old paint and remove bumper scuffs & parking scrapes


Caught your wing mirror on wall or sign post? We can also remove minor damage to your car.

Scratched your lease car?

Some lease companies might not be so understanding, and will often leave you with a hefty fine to cover the repair costs. Bring your car to us at the end of your lease contract, this nuisance cost can be dramatically reduced. Save yourself some cash, and bring your car to us for a simple fix. No stress, no hassle, no broken bank.